Using a combination of stereoscopic 3-D and augmented reality technology, Atheer Labs offer the Atheer Developer Kit and the Atheer One.

The Atheer Developer Kit (ADK) comes as an independent unit and includes a pair of glasses tethered to a box, a Snaprdagon processor, HDMI, USB, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, and everything that's in tablets to enable easy development.

You can connect to your PC for development over ADB, USB, or wirelessly, in addition to remote desktop applications.

The atheer One is an accessory that connects to your Android phone through the micro-USB port, has a field of view of a 26-inch tablet .

All Android apps can be downloaded and used just like a regular Android tablet.

the company envisions users simply having to swipe their hand or flick their finger to navigate through menus or launch apps, all without ever having to touch a physical screen.

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